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Q: Well, let's get started. What does "O.A.Q." stand for?

A: Occassionally asked questions.

Q: Why not just "F.A.Q." like normal people?

A: Because no questions regarding this site are "frequent".

Q: True. Anyway, where'd you get the sprites for Oriosis' Edge? Are they custom?

A: Ah, you are indeed wise, my padawan. They're custom sprites made here:

Q: 'Kay. Where do you make your backgrounds?

A: In RPG Maker XP. It's really good for making complex backgrounds, much better than my old method of merely using paint to piece together the resources.

Q: All righty... on to the big stuff... what was the inspiration behind Oriosis' Edge?

A: I dunno. For some reason, the words "Oriosis' Edge" have been popping into my head for two years or so. I decided to do somethin' 'bout it.

Q: And you sought no psychiatric help for this?

A: No way, man. That's how The Man gets into your head. That's how he controls your life. Psychiatry and modern medicine: the tools of the Devil.

Q: All right, moving on: How is Oriosis' Edge better than your other projects in the past, all of which having failed?

A: Better humour, better plot, better graphics.

Q: Plot? Is there even a plot?

A: Outdated question, bitch.

Q: Mind telling us the basics of this "plot"?

A: You're so outdated it's silly.

Q: Jackass.

A: I love you, too.

Q: So, in conclusion, what can we expect from Oriosis' Edge?

A: The occassional and hopefully funny joke, an attempt at a plot, and a bunch of extra stuff on the site, when I get it up. See ya lata, home slice.

Q: Never talk like that again.

A: I promise, with a heart filled with regret, that I will.